Purchase Fire Extinguishers


Keep your family safe and prevent catastrophic property damage with a fire extinguisher. There are a wide variety of extinguishers in various sizes ranging from $15 to more than $100, but regardless of size and price, all fire extinguishers perform the same vital task. So even if you’re on a budget, there’s no excuse to not purchase one!



  1. Determine how many you need. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you keep at least one fire extinguisher in your kitchen and one in your garage (if you have one). Ideally, you should keep one on every level of your home. Why? An electrical fire in an upstairs bedroom may not give you enough time to retrieve a fire extinguisher from the kitchen.
  2. If you have fire extinguishers but aren’t sure how old they are, we recommend that you replace them.
  3. Go shopping! You can buy fire extinguishers at hardware and home improvement stores, as well as online from retailers like Amazon. For details on what you’re looking for, read: A Quick Guide to Buying a Fire Extinguisher.
  4. Most extinguishers, especially the less expensive variety, should be replaced after every use.

source: https://brightnest.com

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