What Happens To You At 105?

As adults, our risk of dying increases each year. In fact, our risk of death grows exponentially. However, a new study suggests that this might not be the case at the extreme end of the age spectrum.

It will come as no surprise that as we age, the chance of meeting our maker steadily rises.

But, some researchers believe that this might not be entirely true for individuals who are at the upper end of the age scale.

They say that the risk of dying begins to slow as we reach our 80s. This theory has been termed late-life mortality deceleration.

And, from the age of around 105 onward, the risk of death is thought to level out entirely.

This is referred to as the mortality plateau, and this was the focus of a new study that has recently been published.

The mysterious mortality plateau

The mortality plateau theory is highly contentious and hotly debated. Those that do not subscribe to the theory argue that studies using better-quality data tend not to find the mortality plateau.

This is a fair criticism; it is very difficult to find high numbers of people who are aged over 105 that lived in similar environments and were born at a similar time.

source: medicalnewstoday.com

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